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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 4, 2010 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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now, murder in beverly hills. a special report tonight on the cold-blooded shooting of hollywood publicist. two weeks after being gunned down, a person of interest, annan ex-con takes his own life.
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gichlt evening. i am don lemon. we will have more on this mystery in just a moment, but first a look at your top stories. >> and it has announced wikileaks ties have been cut from paypal. on its twitter page wikileak says paypal's action was a result of the government pressure. and then central democrats were leading the push, but came up seven votes short of the 60 votes needed. republicans want all the tax cuts extended including those for the wealthy. tax cuts are set to expire at the end of the year. the u.s. cut a huge trade deal with south korea. president barack obama says the agreement will increase u.s.
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exports by $11 billion and support 70 million jobs. it's the same deal that fell through during the g-20 summit several weeks ago. former rap mogul is no stranger to the jailhouse. he was arrested last night in los angeles a deputy ran his name and found he was wanted on a minor traffic awarrant. he was released after he agreed to appear in court two weeks from now. and then a 14-year-old boy may have been recruited as a hitman. he reportedly was carrying a u.s. birth certificate. the boy told authorities he had carried out four killings on orders of the pacific coast drug cartel.
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police in beverly hills thought they had a much-needed break in the murder of ronny chasin. it's not clear whether he had any connection to the chasin murder. with us from los angeles right now to sort through all of this, is lisa bloom, and cnn producer, allen duke is with us. i will start with you, lisa. who was the person of interest and why did police want to talk to him. >> smith is somebody with a criminal history that includes burglary and robbery, and apparently he said he was responsible spor the killing of chasin. and that person's credibility is in dispute. on the side that says maybe he is not the killer, he seems to be a low level criminal, somebody that does not seem to have been involved in any
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violent crimes, crimes against any person, and this was a targeted shooting in my view, and somebody took a gun of chasin, eight feet away through an open window and shot four times and killed her and did not take anything and escaped. this is probably somebody more along the lines of a professional killer. probably not this harold smith. we don't know. it's an open question. >> so the weather have not been able to link harold smith to the chasin murder in any way? >> there is one person in the building saying hard smith told that person that chasin was killed by him, but that person's credibility is in dispute. i think police have to look at all the businesses along sunset boulevard, including here on cnn here, and we have video cameras. they have a lot of information to comb through, her cell phone or electronic devices, and her
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will, a lot to sort through. >> allen, you talked to some of the neighbors that lived in the apartment complex. what are they saying about this man? >> first of all, it's a diverse group of neighbors. some of them i don't think are credible. not all of them. in fact, a formerland the governor was living there, and he seemed reliable as a source of information. and some people said they heard mr. smith say things connected to the death of chasin. i am not sure that i am buying those, because they changed their stories from interviews that i have done with them. >> let's talk about what others are saying here allen about chasin's estate. one part of her bill seems to suggest that there might be a bit of bad blood among her
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relatives, not leaving her nieces anything but $10. >> the will written 14 years ago gave $10 to one of her nieces, who last week up loaded a youtube a song in honor of her deceased aunt. we don't know what the dispute was about but it was 14 years ago. now, what her brother has said -- he said this in court filings, that there was another will that would supersede that one anyway, a 2006 will that he thought was in the bank in a safe deposit box and he had the key, and yesterday a judge gave him the permission to open that and look for the will and perhaps her niece will get more out of that, we'll see. >> one has nothing to do with her murder, just interesting background that has gone out. lisa, talk about a prevailing theory about why chasin was
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killed? could it have been road rage? you said it was more of a professional look because of the way it was carried out. >> we don't see this kind of road rage on sunset boulevard in beverly hills. many say she was a successful person with a multimillion-dallas estate. and she could have ex-employees or whatever, and maybe people in her personal life who had an tagnism. she was shot dead in her car. she was leaving a film premiere. somebody with animosity could have followed her from the event and then shoot and kill her. nothing was stolen from her car. >> police and people that know
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her are being tight lipped about this. thank you. >> thanks. let's talk other news now. barack obama has granted the first pardons of his presidency to nine people convicted of a range of crimes. one of the most recipients. ronald foster who cut pennies into dimes. and then banks, in 1972, he got two years probation for possession of government property, and then doorsey made statements to the fda. it's a mess out there. travelers in the midwest were not in a forgiving mood today as the first snowstorm of the season. the accumulation was enough to force the cancelation of 300
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flights in and out of chicago this morning. and we are joined from the severe weather center for an update. >> it's the first significant snowfall of the season, and that was a lot of the trouble. these are pictures from chicago where you had more than five inches of snowfall. don mentioned all the flight cancelations and those of you that did have flights, a lot of them were delayed. the streets were wet and mushy, and it also saw quite a bit of snow which was falling in other sports of the country. you can see, i guess it's more chicago stuff. that's madison that we're looking at. the street plows were out in full force. and here a couple totals that we have from across the midwest. champagne, illinois. 8 1/2 inches of snowfall. and rockford, 6.3.
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and then 2.6 in indianapolis. it was widespread for a lot of folks. the system moving off to the east, even though for the most part of the system is out of here, we're getting lake-effect snow showers. and now those winds become a little bit northwest, so we will watch for heavy accumulations down towards ft. wayne and we could see 10 inches of snow before all is said and done. and our system makes its way offshore. our low will hookup with another one from the northeast, and this will impact you guys from the early to middle part of next week with major winds. that's something we will watch out for. and the temperatures are cold behind the front, too. speaking of cool temperatures, take a look at this report. this is from yesterday morning.
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it was 28 degrees at the time of the photo. don't be fooled. that's not snow that you see there, it's the frost that she scraped off from her windshield. >> it's a frostman. thank you, and appreciate it. a 20-member crew is stranded with cargo of crude oil onboard. how long will they have to wait for help to arrive? speaking of rescues. a man falls on the subway tracks. look at the video. wait until you see how close the train comes. it will make you gasp. ♪ [ crowd groans ]
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two men are claiming to be the new president of the ivory coast. the incumbent president was sworn in today despite please from world leaders for him to step aside. the results showed his opponent won the runoff election last sunday and he declared himself president today.
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right now a 20-member crew is off the alaska coast. they lost power in the icy waters. we are told help is expected to arrive soon. a rescue in the nick of time in spain. watch this. a man fell off the train platform and on to the rails seconds before a train rolled into the station. an off-duty police officer dragged him off the tracks moments before. some of you are getting ready to hit the bars and the clubs tonight, and you know there is temptation out there on the dance floor. if you end up cheating on somebody, it may not be your fault. there is a claim that is a genetic variant is blamed for
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cheating. here is what the author of the study had to say. >> it turns out everybody has the gene. it's called drd4. we all have it, but it's variant. it's like height, we all vary in our height. and the same thing is true with the gene, and it's like people that seek dope mean more. >> before i -- i know the doctor wants to get in here. is it different, was it different between men and women? >> we did not find differences between men and women. >> okay, doctor, what do you make of this, could we call it the tiger woods gene or tony
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parker gene, and you could go on and on. but we don't hear about too many women? >> it is a small study, 181 per tas punts. we cannot generalize the whole proplation. now, whether we act the behaviors out, it has gender appease, and culture appease. and with women, traditionally, if they carry the gene they may not have expressed it as much because they have too much to lose, unwanted pregnancy, germs that could cause an std, or public shame because of the sexual double standard. women had more to lose. >> you are saying all those things don't matter so much to guys. they take more risks anyway? >> women are more at risk physician logically through a sexual encounter.
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you guys don't get pregnant. you don't accept as many deposits as fluids. we are more at risk physician logically and socially, but now the standard is changing. remember the duke grad that wrote her f grade thesis. >> but some could say, i'm a man and it doesn't just mean anything, and it just fell out. >> that's when i say you have no ability to have self-control. and let's talk food. west coast viewers, if you have not had dinner yet, sorry, we are about to make your stomach growl. [ male announcer ] humana and walmart are teaming up
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jerrod williams know what is it means to persevere and what it means to have good friends. his former high school football teammates gathered at his new home in dallas today to install landscaping. it's a home they raised money to built. last year jared was injuried in a game, paralyzed from the waist down. jared says he's struggling but determined and thankful. >> i try not to give up. it's a hard journey and i just keep my head up and just don't give up. >> jerrared and his mother will move into their new home just before christmas. good luck to them. the hamburger never really went away, but maybe you've noticed all these new hip burger joints popping up everywhere. we invited the guys from one of my favorites here, a new favorite. it's called yeah burger. we asked them to join us in the studio. what caused the resurgence of the burger?
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>> i think it's a combination of obviously the economy. people were looking for something more affordable, but also combined with just the return to simplicity. so people -- there was so much -- with the economy and it was booming and people were going out and spending a lot of money. then people came back to reality and said let's get back to basics. as a chef, that's what i've done. i've invested all of my career into creating this concept because i think this is really something that's very sustainable. >> what should people expect to pay for a burger like this? >> this is our signature burger, double stacked georgia beef, american cheese, $7.50. >> and you could go -- i've gone to restaurants that's $20, $25. so this is good. one of the things that started the whole craze. you know, in new york city, they had $30 burgers. but not everybody can have a $30 burger. >> this is a fun thing to do. it's not just yeah burger.
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there's a bunch of them. go check them out. they're very healthy. not supposed to eat with my mouth full. or talk with my mouth full, but i am. thank you, guys. >> the man once known as the unabomber doesn't need a place to live anymore. ted kaczynski is locked up in a maximum security prison. the montana property where he once lived is up for sale. we'll tell you the asking price.
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every weekend, we like to bring you interesting news items you might have missed during the week. up first, the infamous property where the unabomber made his bombs is up for sale. the asking price has recently been cut in $154, 500 to $69,900.
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that's a big kwcut. it says own a piece of history. own the unabomber. the cabin is hauled away as evidence. he killed people and wounded 23 between 1978 and 195. he is serving a life sentence in the federal super max prison in colorado. one of the most infamous homes in the movies, up for sale. it's the corleone's sprawling estate from "the godfather." the asking price is $2.9 million. it's a lot of cash but there's a lot of history there as well. see you back here tomorrow night 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. eastern.
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